Vishwas Group

Radio Vishwas 90.8 Community Radio

The media has the power to create a society. For this, the media must be under the control of the community. This should discuss the basic issues of the community. Radio confident 90.8 Community Radio is working in keeping with the development of the community and thereby social development. The creation and dissemination of various programs related to the development of the community and the participation of the main stakeholders of the community in this broadcast are also being implemented in this innovative process. This is an innovative radio station for local people. The main objective of social education and education is to have this purpose.

The novelist, the researcher, and the activist have an open forum Information about various schemes for the poor, unemployed farmers for distressed women and information related to society, information related to art culture and socio-economic activities, and entertainment activities are presented here. Community Radio is a lesser and more useful media, more effective than other means.

The ability to communicate in the language of the people of the city, village, and wadi, to the general public. Radio Faith 90.8 Community Radio has developed a keen affair with educated or uneducated, literate or illiterate, even the child.

Daily broadcast programs on Radio 90.8

The day-to-day special, special, thought-free activities are reviewed every day, and day-to-day specials and work are done by the person born on that day. There is also a good idea that day.

Give me the wings

This is a social event and it is a program to break the report of the injustice done to the woman. The women, who are involved in economic, physical exploitation and their fight and against themselves, are invited to the program and their stories are presented in their own words.

Therefore, other women in the society who exploit are exploited and have the power to stand up against the system.