Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

On the evening of New Year ‘Aayushyavar Bolu Kahi’ Concert.

On the eve of New Year, a new program of new friendships, new identity, and a sense of consciousness and awareness of ‘Sankalp Anand’ was organized on Thursday, December 31, 2015..

Famous music composer Dr. Salil Kulkarni and poet, lyricist Sandeep Khare presented the receptionist ‘Ayusha Bolu Some’ on the occasion. This event, which was based on words, tunes and chats, was very interesting to the audience.

On the eve of New Year Gazalnawaj Bhimrao Panchale concert

“The way of the eyelid should be true. Every man should have his faceOne such glimmer of sadness from the dark colors of the man, who searched for the values ​​of man’s life in the rainy season, and gave a unique joy to the audience.

On the occasion of Vishwas Sankalp Anand’s program, the new friendship of new ideas, new identity, and new year of new year of happiness, beginning with the beginning of New Year, should be started in a slightly different way,

Through this concept, Vishwas Group organized a unique concert of Ghazal Samrat Bhimrao Panchal’s Ghazal singing through the concept of Rotary Yab of Nashik Smart City on Saturday, December 31, 2016, with the intention of celebrating New Year with a few good resolutions in all the different ways.

This program was concluded with the concept of vishwas co-op bank founder president, Vishwas Thakur.

The purport “Gazal means a story of management of sorrows and happiness” is cognized through the lyrics. “If we could give wings to the tears then our journey of Sadness may become more easy.Hence who live knows the life better not to person who always run away”, stated as a importance of life by Gazal samrat Bhimrao Panchale. “Jakhma ashya sugandhi jhalyat, jhalyat kalajala, kelet var jyanni to mogra asava”, audience got intermittent by listening it. Audiance enchanted by the famous gazals like “jao shishe ka badan leke, maj nako he gagan,jivanala dan dyave lagte,ha asa Chandra ashi raat,tu nabhatle tare malales ka,e sanam aankho ki meri, bhalbhalate sangtes ka, garibanchya lagnstli navari…etc

Grantha Tumachya Dari, Dubai

Started with the aim of increasing the readings of the society Grantha Tumachya Dari is excited with the book reader movement under the initiative of ‘Guru Dasari Dari’ by Kusumagraj Pratishthan This movement, with the main concept of Vinayak Ranade, has become the main point of the readers movement.

The first reader gathering outside India was performed in Dubai by the Grantha Tumachya Dari Dari, Dubai and Aami Family. More than 800 Marathi readers were present in this program.

Dubai 2016 was declared as a reading year and the reading of the book ‘Your Dari, Dubai’ as well as the readings meeting was taken in the well-known local newspaper Gulf News.

All India Marathi Natya Parishad

Shri Vishwas Thakur has successfully fulfilled the responsibility of Chief Election Officer of the All India Marathi Natya Parishad for the 2013-2018 elections. While working in social and cultural fields, the artist questions are well-known to Shri Vishwas Thakur, the questions of cultural organizations. Therefore, he offered the ideal to work fairly in the election process.

For Children’s readers Grantha Tumchya Dari

With the aim of creating a passion for reading through children through Vishwas Co –Op Bank Ltd., Vishwas Gyan Prabodhini & Research Institute, Nasik and Yashwantrao Chavan Library and Public Library, this purpose is being implemented in your heart. In this program, a book box will be available for children in different places. This initiative is not only the state, but the only initiative in the country .Therefore, the bank will attract the third generation. It will surely help the bank to expand its business in the future. So far, 100 book boxes have been provided to various institutions.