• ➱ District Level – 22
  • ➱ State Level – 18
  • ➱ National level – 03
  • Total – 43

It will also get an acknowledgment of the work done by dedication for all the components of society. Such works will be honored. This glorification has become a personal and team form.

Whether it is social, economic, sports, cultural, educational, cooperative or any other area, its problems are huge, but dynamic and dedicated workers want them. The pride of such a capable leadership is in the form Vishwas Thakur

Vishwas Thakur’s entrepreneurship and creativity run in parallel and monopoly like railway rules. In particular, he has given them a social and social connection. They work every day as coming and going. They have set an ideal object of how to run a bank through each of their greatest actions in the cooperative sector. Co-operative banks should be in the grassroots, the middle class, the needy entrepreneurs, and their intentions should not be tarnished.

The clarity of speech, an important aspect of their personality. Of course, they had to bear the same losses as they did. But there was transparency in his business as well as in his personality.
He also got the honor of becoming the young founder president in the co-operative sector by establishing the bank at the age of 27.

They have raised the ideal that a goal-seeker can take care of what big and unbelievable others can stand. Whatever the field, it’s funny. Enjoyment because they have their own built-in properties. Although they differ in the area, they have been able to find their formula and get together and create a beautiful necklace.

Otherwise, it is not as easy as adding co-operative sector literature, literary play, and social worker’s painting, and constantly growing up; But they appear to be coherent. He said that people should be recognized by their work rather than being recognized by their words, they have first proved their work.

‘After doing it then’ said, ‘Bole tiasa chalee …’ they are living all this way and there is no exaggeration in it. Vishwas co-op today. Bank has achieved an important place in the field of cooperative sector and modern banking management system at the Indian level, which is why. His contributions made in cooperatives to develop development by inspiring the 21st century globalization, liberalization and the speeding process of privatization, are inspirational.

Nomination is done without any help from the few cooperative leaders who have been responsible for the welfare of the people who have been entrusted with their widespread, constructive and positive thinking, working as a cooperative disciplinarian and ideologue.

Today Vishwas Thakur name is related to more organizations including social, cultural, sports, education, literature, co-banking.

Why they turned to such different areas; It is the answer that they were not keeping silence in the thought of journalism, that they should go beyond the entrepreneur. It is reflected in the work done by them.