Other Activities

Other Activities

‘Mishal-Saramisal’ Festival

Vishwas Sankalp Anand ‘under the initiative of Thakur, the’ Missal-Sarmisal ‘festival was organized on Sat 20 and Sunday 21 February 2016. Many varieties of pajamatite sauce mix were made available with their features.

There were rows of grains for the taste of masala. Nasikarkar got the opportunity to take a variety of black masala, Tarvari, Vrishi Rope, Kolhpuri Panjanyat Misal, Onion-Garlic without Jain Misal, Mix of Fastness and Diversity at one place. The exhibition was organized on this occasion.

‘Nashik Chowpatti’ Food Festival

Nashik Chowpatty ‘Nashik Chowpatty’, which has a lot of saucy stuff for Nashikakar Khasis, through the concept of ‘Vishwas Sankalp Anand’ through the concept of ‘Vishwas Thakur’, gave Nashikers an opportunity to enjoy more than 150 tasty items at one place.

The festival was organized from Friday 6 May to Sunday 8th May 2016. Tasty Dinner of the Guest room, Spinach Chat, Potato Vada, Nandan Sweets’ Chatta type, Visuji Tasty Dabeli, Sandwich, Sweet potato pancakes of Kulkarni, Spices of vermicelli in Saraf market, Tipical pot of Ganga Drachappa Ice cream, Heramb Foods, Khawas And curry leaves, special saffron tawa casserole, SR Ketter’s chorine chalk, fried ice cream, masala dosa, dhakal chaat, mung bhaji, gram chutpa, mayya kanis, old hair, ice collect, cold coffee, ice tea, bun Mascara, Juice Syrup, Soda, Kalakhatta, Mycicon Sandwich, Chilli Wadi, Nagpuri Wadi, Strawberry Coffee such as sauteous, elegant and tasty.

Non Veg Festival

Non-veg Festival 2016 was organized by Vishwas Sankalp Anandacha ,Vishwas Group’, which is a blend of authentic Tasty Phenjanit Chavya.

Visihwas Co-op Bank Ltd. 90th December, Saturdays 10th December and Sunday, 11th December 2016, by the concept of Vishwas Jnan Prabodhini and Research Institute, Nashik and RadioExpress 90.8 Community Radio, Saraswat Bank, Trust Laws, Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan Mumbai, Divisional Center, Nashik, with the concept of Vishwas Thakur. Has been there. Fish curry, prunes biryani, chicken biryani, mugalai chicken, butter chicken, saffron chicken biryani, bangda masala, khima bread, egg paratha, beta curry, non-veg mix, snacks, salad, soup, soda, paan, tea, khima bhaji, khima Karanji, Green, Khima Sandwich, Alani Mutton Khichada and Mutton Pickle were the favorites of this festival.

‘Nashik Fast Food Festival

Vishwas Sankalp Anand’s Trust Belongs to Vishwas Group under the initiative ‘Vishwas Co-op Bank Ltd.’ Nashik, Vishwas Dnay Prabodhini and Research Institute, Nashik and RadioExpress 90.8 Community Radio, Based on the concept of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), Saraswat Bank, Constellation consortium, with the concept of Vishwas Thakur on Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd August 2016, from 8.00am to 6.00pm, faith trusts, Thakur residency, trust In front of the bank, Savarkarn Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik was organized.

Rajasthani sabudana wada, special pansi khichadi, Puri Bhaji, Pappi Patties, Banana Kachori, Sabudana Manchuriyan, Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Pakoda, Paneer Dish, Sugar / Amri / Trash / Bread, Khajar Ladou, Banana Cutlets, Ratale Move, Pappa Halwa Many foods and jews, such as banana wafers, mixes, milk shakes, lemon tea, cold coffee, lemon ice, black tea, sweet jues, watermelon juice, pomegranate juice, cashew nuts / chocolate shakes etc. Tsavata had brought, colorings.

‘Mitra Pethheche’ (1950 to 1990)

Between the 1950s and 1990s of Pethesh Vidyalaya, the students of ex-students of Class 10th (Grand-Gate-to-Gader) were organized in the title ‘Mitra Pethache’.

On Sunday, 20th November 2016, at 4 pm to 10 pm Trust Trust at Savarkar Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik. This gives us an opportunity to meet and talk to old friends of our school. Various special events were organized on this ‘Grand-Gate to Gather’ occasion. Over 1400 former students participated in this.


The group ‘LMH-84’ has been established in Pathe Vidyalaya, Nashik, 1984. As his coordinator, Vishwas Thakur He had organized a very special snatch of Lamhe-84.

This meeting was a symposium for everyone to strengthen the friendship of childhood to strengthen childhood friendship.

There was a gathering of fun, chat, stage, entertainment. Guruvayya and his wife were honored to devote their gratitude towards Guruji who did the sacred work of knowledge. The first snehamela will be held on Sunday 28th December 2013 and the second snehmealava Sunday on 29th December 2014 at Nashik.

Vishwas Thakur’s selection in the primary election process survey team for the presidency of the United States

External Affairs Ministry of the United States, under the program ‘International Weekly Leadership Program’, under the current presidential election for the presidential elections, Vishwas co-op.Bank’s founder, President, Vishwas Thakur (NCP). Agant Gadgil, Pune (Congressional I), Nishant Gandhi, Nagpur (BJP) and Shridhar Patil, Thane (Shivsena) were elected.

Ambassie of the United States, New Delhi, The four were recommended by the Consulate General at the United States of America’s Foreign Department, Washington DC.

The study has been approved by them and this whole trip is being done in collaboration with American Government and the four have also been given political status.

In a ten-day study course, Thakur examined the presidential election process by meeting the Democratic and Republican party officials, their political leaders, representatives of various newspapers and political analysts.

Presidential election process in the first phase of the decisive phase of special political affairs or getting displayed to caughannahi in Washington DC, New hemasayara and siyatela The running state elections, the primary round of the opportunity to participate milalivisvasa Thakur was 20 years of social and political sectors nationalist ajapara the establishment of the Congress Party Yanta many political developments are particularly active.

Under this initiative, in the year 1970, Mr.Shard Pawar, Vitthalrao Gadgil, Mr. George Fernandes, S. S. Joshi had gone to the US to study the election process of that time.

This is the first time that these four people of Maharashtra are getting this first time. The US government invites four representatives from one country to the US for presidential elections for the US presidential elections, which will be held every four years. After this, India’s number will be coming back after 50 years. Mr. Vishwas Thakur’s election Vishwas co-op Bank Ltd., is celebrating the glory of Nashik.