About Me

Self Invention

Accepted the challenges through Rejection..

I did my M.A. in Pune after doing a journalism course. I started a printing press and became a distributor for Mahananda Milk, Mandar communication in Nasik. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and not work. This was very clear from the beginning hence someone rightly said finding yourself is the first step to success. I initially took a loan from a cooperative bank and repaid it in time. I realized I needed more funds for expansion and reapplied for a loan. To my surprise, I was denied the loan for no appropriate reasons. In a few days, this got me thinking as to how many people might have been denied loans who want to start something. At that moment I decided to start a co-operative bank and to run an ideal bank.

At that moment I conveyed the message to the directors. I’ll show you how to run a cooperative bank. Next was getting the license to operate and this was the hardest part. Bureaucrats that I interacted with initially were very skeptical; I don’t see this as their fault. I remember one such statement by a bureaucrat, how will you youngsters manage a bank? I replied, If Rajiv Gandhi can run the country at the age of 40, then why not we run a bank? This incident has been deeply engraved in my heart. There was no comparison or exaggeration in my statement. I am highly inspired by Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure.