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Vishwas Dnyan Prabodhini and Research Institute, Nashik was established on March 31st, 2000 to work in the social as well as cooperative space. The institute is working to bring development to the rural, economically deprived and socially neglected, and disadvantaged groups. Hence the primary aim of the organization is to achieve social development through cooperation. In the cooperative sector, Mr. Vishwas Thakur created his own team, and he along with his colleagues founded this organization.

Social reform requires research and training. To create the expected change, research must be conducted in a timely manner on issues that matter. Also, on the basis of this research, they should complete the project in a fixed time period. So that development issues can be addressed without delay, and the process of social change begins smoothly. Having this in mind various issues related to the social and cooperative sector are being worked upon by Vishwas Dnyan Prabodhini and Research Institute. The main aim of the organization is to provide a holistic development of mainly neglected and disadvantaged groups.

The following activities are conducted by the Academy

‘Radio Vishwas 90.8 Community Radio’ initiative

Media has the power to create media. Therefore, this media should be in control of the community and must be talked about the basic issues of the community. Radio Vishwas 90.8 Community Radio is working in line with community development and social development. Community Radio’s innovative process is being implemented and the creation and dissemination of various programs related to the development of the community, and the main contribution of community representatives in this creation and broadcasting. The organization is trying to raise the voice of the community by teaching the techniques of radio.

‘Nashik 2050’ venture

Nasik is changing very fast and we have seen and experienced this change from basic facilities to information technology. Today the name of Nasik is being associated with cities that are developed on the map of the world. There is no doubt that till 2050 Nasik will be a different city all together. Considering this fast change it is important that the development is sustainable and eco-friendly, keeping this in mind, Vishwas group has started an initiative – Nashik 2050.

The objective of this initiative is to make a detailed outline of what development we want to foresee and to make this available to every citizen who wants to be part of this change. In drafting this outline we are working together with old experienced residents of Nashik who have a vision for the future. Also with Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Retired, Bureaucrats, Architects, Students, NGOs working on different subjects, and most importantly anyone who wants to work for the development of Nashik.

‘Study Room

In today’s commercial education, even good quality elementary education is getting worse. Hence middle class, lower middle class, and economically deprived class are moving away from the education system. Also in smaller houses, it is very difficult for a student to study in peace. Students who are in these adverse situations yet studying hard deserve a better place to study and hence the library.

The aim of the organization is through this library students should go for higher education and/or give competitive exams. The library has a very peaceful and nurturing atmosphere. Every student has a separate seating. Students appearing for competitive exams are given books and magazines available at the library. Apart from this internet services and Xerox is also made available.

Grantha Tumchya Dari Section
Research and Training

The library has started ‘Grantha Tumchya Dari for children’ welfare scheme to increase the reading interest in children which would in turn shape their personality. As of today, we have distributed 75 boxes, each box contains 100 books which is 7500 books.

Research and training is the foundation of community development. The goal of the organization is to make research on the fundamental issues in progress and to undertake innovative activities through this foundation. To implement the objectives of the

We have dispatched these boxes to Nashik, Pune, Andheri, Thane, and Junnar along with these cities Adivasi Vikramgad, Trimbakeshwar taluka Ashramshala, classes, housing societies, Senior citizens club have received these boxes as well.

Research and training are the foundation of community development. The goal of the organization is to make research on the fundamental issues in progress and to undertake innovative activities through this foundation research..

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