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Lilavati Jaydev Thakur / Jaydev Kisan Thakur

His father Jaydev Kisan Thakur completed education through adverse circumstances; he also did night schooling and worked during the day. He later on got a job in the Post office.

He made sure that along with him his elder siblings – Rajendra, Dhananjay and Sandhya got good education at that time. He inculcated them with good virtues. It is because of that they all are doing great in they are respective fields.

And his mother Lilavati Jaydev Thakur made sure that being a house maker she took care of all of them and the house and was the backbone of their family.

If you want the society to progress there are various aspects which we need to cover. Financial inclusion is a very important part. Vishwas cooperative bank has been the fastest growing bank in Nasik city. Currently operating through a vast network of 11 Branches spread across the city. It is because of the values and discipline inculcated under the leadership of our chairman that has made this possible.

Vishwas Thakur is the Founder Chairman of Vishwas Co-op Bank Ltd., a Bank that thrives on creating and maintaining customer delight. Being the youngest Founder Chairman in the Indian Co-operative Banking sector at the age of 27 years is a unique distinction in itself. To this day, he continues his relentless work in assisting the Central Government, State Government and various local committees.

He has been actively involved in the cultural, art, education, sports and social sector. This underlines the diverse qualities that he possesses.

He is an avid reader, he also meditates. He holds a degree in journalism. He has always aimed to add value in people’s lives. He has been honored with many local, state and national awards.