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Career New Work Area

Founder President – March 25, 1997
Vishwas Co-op Bank Ltd., Nashik

Founder Adviser – (2000)

(2000) Vishwas Institute of Knowledge and Research, was the first organization to offer high technology training to the Cooperative sector and to have its own research study center.

Former Chairman and Managing Director – (since 2002)

Since 2002, Nashik District Civil Co-operative Banks Association, Nashik

Treasurer / Work President – (2005 to present )

Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Departmental Center, Nashik: Yashwantrao Chavan, the great politician, Yashwantrao Chavan, in memory of 1985.

Establishment of Many programs for the upliftment of the common man and social, financial, and political development through the organization consist of political, social workers, leading entrepreneurs, economists, and well-known individuals.

Presidency Committee (2005)

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University has set up a syllabus for the ‘Diploma in Management of Management’ Presided over by the committee.

Former treasurer – (from 2005 to 2015)

Kusumagraj Pratishthan Nashik – Proper appropriation of the country’s intellectual capital as well as literature, literature, language, science, medicine, education, dramatic. Kusumagraj Pratishthan is also working for the development of the Adivasi community, which has been established to serve the entire energy of the region and to work in any other areas.Founded on March 26, 1990, in memory of Kusumagraj and V.V. Shirwadkar.

Director, Yashaswini Social Campaign – (2008 to present)

Under the Companies Act, the ‘Yashaswini Social Campaign’ has been registered on the basis of ‘Non-profit’ loss. For the betterment of society, especially for socially and financially backward women, various financial, educational, cultural, and social programs are implemented by the organization.

In order to make the products produced by self-help groups available in India and the world, small enterprises promote such enterprises. The other two directors include Mrs. SupriyaSule and Dr. Ravi Bapat. On the Board of Directors, Mr. Ashok Ganguly (First Source Solutions, Chairman of Anand Buzhar Magazine), Mrs. Lalita Gupte (ICIC Travel), Mr. NarottamSecxaria (Vice President-Ambuja Cement), Mr. Yashwant Thorat (Former President of NABARD), Mrs. Padmini Sonamani (President-NarottamSaksareya Foundation).

Members – (2011)

Committee members to decide ‘Maharashtra youth policy’ PresidentPresident of Maharashtra (Maharashtra Government) – Under the ‘Youth Policy of Maharashtra’

High Level Committee – (2011)

After announcing the UNION 2012 “International Cooperation Year”, the only non-official member of the high-level committee to be celebrated this year by the Government of India.

Former Director – (from 2013 to 2014)

Members of the Maharashtra State Technical Regulation Board, comprising 16 members, are selected in this Mandla, and selected the prestigious persons working in the field of Engineering, Polytechnic, IT, etc., which work on a very good and strategic work.

Former Director – (Sun 2014)

National Federation of Urban Co-op Bank and Credit Societies. (NAFCUB) New Delhi.

Executive President and Director – (April 2015)

The Maharashtra State Co-operative Banks Association Ltd., Mumbai

Official member

  1. Member of the ‘SimhasthaKumbhMela Committee’ (2002-2004), organized by the Maharashtra government in 2002-03 and 2003-04.
  2. Association of Left Persons, Nashik Branch (2002).
  3. To review and improve the working of the urban cooperative banks, Shri. D. M.Members of a committee headed by Sukhtankar (Retired Chief Secretary, Maharashtra- State) (2002-2003).
  4. Co-operative Commissioner, Maharashtra for the development of self-help groups, a member of the ‘core group Committee’ organized in 2002-03 (2002-2003).
  5. Members of the ‘Study Group Committee’ organized by the Co-operative Commissioner, Maharashtra State in connection with the work of civil cooperative banks (2003).
  6. Member of ‘Think Tank Committee’ organized by the Director-General, Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA) on November 7, 2003 (2003).
  7. ‘YASHADA’, the highest training institution that trains the Maharashtra government. Yashoda, a financial institution run by the Central and State Governments, is trained by the government, the Nomadic Establishment Officer, Managers, and High Levels.
  8. Technical Committee coordinator – Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University coordinator designated technical committee to prepare certificates for self-help groups (2005).
  9. Secretary – (2005) Praised by many honorable people for organizing the ’78th Marathi Sahitya Literature’ organized in Nashik from January 28, 2005, to January 30, 2005, due to the very neutral planning of the organizing committee.
  10. The Study Group members of the European Association of Studies for London, Asterad, Belgian, France, etc. were studied for the study of ‘Fruit, Flowers and Vegetables International Market’ between 31 July 2006 and 9 August 2006.
  11. Member – (2011) Member of the committee appointed by the Maharashtra Government to make the ‘Model Code for Cooperative Banks’.
  12. Appointed as the State President of the Cooperation Department of NCP.
  13. Nationalist Congress Party’s North Maharashtra Spokesperson (In 2016).
  14. Advisor ISEC – (in 2016) ‘ISACC’ is a global organization working on social and educational issues.
  15. Appointment as a respected member of the study committee led by the Public Library, Nashik (2016), to inquire and solve various issues of the cultural tradition of 176 years.
  16. Kusumagraj Pratishthan has received the Chief Guest Award (Sun 2016) at a reader gathering held in Dubai under ‘Ganthi Das Dari’ initiative.
  17. Nashik District Civil Co-operative Banks Association (2017) Chairman of the Conference on 4th of Friday, 6th January, 2017.