Vishwas Co-op Bank Ltd. Nashik

Vishwas Bank Sahakaryam Yashodhnam As Sanskrit is popular. Based on the customer’s satisfaction, their trust, ‘vishwas Bank’ has progressed the eye lamp, the bank has made eye lamps progress. The bank has achieved ‘A’ category in the overall 20 years continuous accounting, whereas the Reserve Bank of India has a range of inspections.

Perseverance, concentration, faith, solution, trust, co-op. The foundation of the bank is. With strong rigorous and customer-centered concentration, we can donate trust and satisfaction to our customers. Due to our fast-growing customer class and the vast majority of satisfied customers, we were able to come to Nashik as a leading and unique bank.

To maintain transparency and operational control, the Bank developed its own specialized management information system. This management information system was presented in the presence of the co-coordinator of the Maharashtra Co-operative and also in the presence of all Joint Registrar and District Registrar of Maharashtra. We are proud to say that the Management Information System (MIS) we have developed by the Co-operative Department of Maharashtra has implemented all the cooperative banks in Maharashtra.

Trust bank is always active on social front. Financial Assistance to Self-Help Groups, Financial Assistance for Women Below Poverty Line, Financial & Medical Assistance to Dangal Grastas Family, Aadhaar Trust is always on the front.

Trust Bank is the only co-operative bank implemented by the central government’s ‘Golden Jubilee Urban Employment Scheme’. In collaboration with Nashik Municipal Corporation, Trust Bank provided financial support to Self-Help Groups. The bank has provided loans to 90 Savings Groups which comprise nearly 400 women members.

It is the first objective of the Bank to provide extremely high and advanced banking facilities to the underprivileged people. In order to realize this, the Bank has allocated its resources on quality infrastructure and staff. The values we have saved are very helpful in keeping our social commitment.

By the end of March 31, 2017, the Confidence Co-op Highlights of Bank
Total Deposits 318 crores 64 lacs
Gross Debt 178 crores 69 million
Investing 135 crores 43 lacs
Recovery Percentage 97.84%
Net NPA 1.68%
Working Capital 347 crores 45 lacs
Total Business 497 crore 33 lakhs
Total Members 9787

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